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I'm proud to announce that Mineverge will be supporting 1.8! At the moment Skyblock Blue and The Hub supports 1.8. Tomorrow we will be making the full transition with the compatibility.

So what does this mean?
In the past I have said that 1.8 disallowed clients where allowed. Starting November 26th That rule is removed. If you are caught with a 1.8 disallowed client you will be banned!


First off, to better the server environment, we have decided to make two Skyblock servers. One will be called Skyblock Blue (International) and second one will be Skyblock Green (primarily Dutch). All ranks that were ever purchased before Tuesday November 15th 2016 (Date of reset) will be distributed on both Skyblock servers. We are going to be advertising very soon! DylanPeys will also be playing on Skyblock Green!

Reset Time:
Skyblock Blue: 4pm EST
Skyblock Green: 1:30PM EST

Both on November 11th 2016.

What's resetting?

- islands
- mcmmo stats
- economy
- inventory/enderchest
- pv's

What's NOT resetting?

- Ranks

New Features:

- Custom Ore Generator plugin
- New /shop plugin with /sell
- Rework of /shop
- Rework of economy
- New Spawn + Warzone
- New /fix + fixall plugin (Custom)
- Lots of lag fixes

* Please take note that some general server rules will be added / changed in the upcoming week. *

Congratulations to Snackk for being promoted to Moderator! I think it was well deserved and he has worked hard every single day to keep the server at peace! (Promotion on Friday)

See you all Tuesday and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend :)

- Music

Factions Reset: Friday August 5th
Time: 4:00PM EST

(Date may be changed but highly unlikely).​

As you guys may already know, factions has been needing a reset for a while. I can say with confidence that this release coming will be the best yet. Not only have I listen to the community but I have also added many features I think will make the overall Factions experience better. We have been working on this for quite a while now and I thank you for everyone who has been patient. There will be specific advertising for Factions as well! I hope you guys like the new features/ideas that will come in to play for MineVerge!

Gamemode will be Minecraft Version 1.9.2

Worlds (All borders will be square.) :

Overworld: Custom 10k x 10k map which includes the default vanilla biomes but has a reduced amount of oceans. Most of the map will be land. The bottom of the world will be Flat Bedrock. This allows everyone to mine easier and avoids uneven bedrock formation for when you use the Infusion Pickaxe. (Improved Custom Enchant)

Nether: Regular 5k x 5k as always.

End: The end will only be used for PvP & Grinding. This is better for gameplay in the Overworld.

PvP (1.7-1.8):

Last reset, as you may know, 1.9 hit us and we were not ready.We were using very poorly designed 1.8 pvp plugin and at the time this was all we had. Luckily we have upgrade from that! PvP will now be 1.7-1.8 fully with the exception of the temporary shield that will appear when right clicking. This just replaces the old fashion method of blocking.


- Instant attacks and no sword sweeps.
- Critical hits allowed when sprinting.
- *Nothing pvp related from the 1.9 Combat update*

Enchantments :

All enchantments can be applied by right-clicking a crystal. Crystals are Nether Stars that contain the custom enchants below. Some can be combined on the same tool. They will be available at our store with Tier levels and will also be available in...
Hi Guys!

It has come to my attention that not many players liked the last Faction release and I can't apologize enough for it. I have realized that I was trying to please to many players and was no longer creating anything I had in mind for the faction server. There's also a lot of features I did not include that I should have earlier such as blocking the End or having a square border. (These are just examples but there are many more.) Needless to say I have a lot planned for the next Faction release. We have already had about seven custom plugins made so far. This announcement is simply to let everyone know we do have a lot in the works. I have been asked lots of questions about the Miner kit being removed from some people. This is temporary and will be restored very soon. Anyways, this release will have many many hours of testing and we plan to make the economy 10 times better. Hope this helps and I promise to keep everyone posted.

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new forums. We have been wanting to switch to a real forum site for a long time now and finally made it happen! Simply Sign Up and Confirm your email to get started! As you have noticed, we have also changed logo! I hope you are as excited for the changes as I am.
Thank you for submitting your votes! We have decided to keep 1.8 PVP Functions!

  • Removes attack cooldowns
  • Adding blocking
  • Removes collision for players
  • Reverts the new attack damage values for tools
  • Reverts Enchanted Golden Apples to their old state (incl. recipe)
  • Reverts Golden Apples to their old state