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  1. GekkeKelvin
    GekkeKelvin iWizzdom
    I like you, you're very nice to everyone :D
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  2. yumey66
    yumey66 BigRedButton
    Lmao we live in the same province
  3. NessBlessing10
  4. HippieNoodles
  5. Josh
    All these reports for kys is so pathetic... Get over it... Some people reporting are acting as if they've never said it before on the server
  6. yumey66
    yumey66 Josh
    This profile pic is not of you lmao
    1. Josh
      I knkw its not I never said it was, its my girlfriend.
      Jan 5, 2018
    2. Josh
      "Josh" "Male"
      Jan 5, 2018
  7. Hickbros
    Hickbros Saime
    Saime why did i get banned for Glitch abuse i didnt glitch anything
  8. Hickbros
    Hickbros MusicReprod
    Muisc tell me why i got banned for glitch abuse i didnt glitch anything. And what levaiton said was a long time ago and we already gave his stuff back. You can ask Saime
  9. DukeTheGamz
    DukeTheGamz MusicReprod
    Why have you taken my rank away after i asked for chargeback u just took rank no chargeback???
  10. Tyler666
    Banned for 21 days.
  11. jjgrannigan
    happy new year shame we didn't reach 1mill lvls on skyblock before 2018 but we are getting closer by the second
  12. pimskiblock93
    1. Josh
      Tell me about it...
      Dec 30, 2017
  13. TheBestGamer_NL
    Merry christmas
  14. SparkleGirl28
    I dunno wat I'm doing
  15. RawDelight
    lol, why was my #UnbanSnackk post removed?
  16. Josh
    Merry Christmas boys and girls!
    1. xXK3Xx
      Merry Christmas
      Dec 25, 2017
  17. MCgamer120
    anyone wants to respond to any of my posts go to my new account @MCgamer120_YT
  18. MCgamer120
    i bought winter key on skyblock and got 7500 tokens, when i tried to use the tokens it said i got nothing.
    1. MCgamer120
      i dont ask for my money back just my tokens
      Dec 23, 2017
  19. HippieGirl25.
  20. ThatOneGirl1103
    Boy has a bunch of stuff changed in these past few months XD