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  1. STATiK
  2. TheMlgCat
    TheMlgCat iWizzdom
    what's your name in discord?
  3. Bjarne
    Hey Mineverge Team do you have an anticheat plugin against the jigsaw server crasher?
  4. Weegoody
  5. Kiwi_MLG
    Kiwi_MLG MusicReprod
    Hey i want to buy a rank on skyblock but there is no paysafe can you add that bcak pls
    1. benji
      If you click PayPal and click agree to the terms, you will be redirected to the PayPal website and under the log in button there should be a button that allows you to pay with debit/credit card.
      Apr 19, 2018 at 7:26 AM
  6. xXK3Xx
    Wow i really do like pie!!!!
  7. Hickbros
    Fells good too be unbanned
  8. TheJadeToilet
    I love this server
  9. iWizzdom
    Maintenance Tonight
  10. xXK3Xx
    Sever down...
  11. Sebastrol
    this is status message and i dont know what to type here oh well i dont care about grammar either so i wont do it either way i like bananas
  12. Xx_KillSquad_xX
  13. xXK3Xx
    I liek Elemental powers.
  14. silentminer35
    silentminer35 MusicReprod
    Hey music, I would like to know if its possible for me to transfer my Mage rank on skyblock to my other account? I was accidentally logged into this account instead of my xUnCoded account. I would really appreciate it if it is possible.
  15. lanipe22
  16. lanipe22
    lanipe22 iWizzdom
    I want to buy a rank on skyblock with a paysafe card but It doesn't work. Could you help me?
    1. iWizzdom
      What's up?
      Mar 20, 2018
  17. lanipe22
    lanipe22 MusicReprod
    I want to buy a rank on skyblock with a paysafe card but It doens't work. Could you help me?
  18. iWizzdom
    Floating Onward
  19. ForsakenDrake1
    The edgy kid who is almost a teen.
  20. xXK3Xx