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Feb 23, 2016
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New website design releasing soon! Nov 13, 2017

MusicReprod was last seen:
Mar 20, 2018 at 4:48 PM
    1. lanipe22
    2. lanipe22
      I want to buy a rank on skyblock with a paysafe card but It doens't work. Could you help me?
    3. s1e2a3n4
      Hey my mineverge will not load
      Also i sent a staff application please view it and give it a shot,
    4. Hickbros
      Yo music
      Pls we gotta Talk hit me up on Skype my name is xShaxp. We still gotta talk why i evem got perm banned for glitch abuse. You know me i've been playing Mv for a good 2 years now and why would you think i would do something too get my banned of my fav server
    5. ev0lution2021
      Someone bought me a rank and I dont want it. If he refunds it do i get banned?
    6. rydiculous
      yo idk if you remember me i was here since this was element i wanted to apply for mod how do i do
    7. MCgamer120
      can some1 look at my stafff aplication?
      1. Zexal
        Mine too please
        Feb 26, 2018
    8. MercerGT
      Music you really need to promote some players to mod and admin to help on the forums. No one has perms to accept apps, appeals, and demotion reports except you and you are, honestly, not doing a very good job of that.
    9. Hickbros
      btw you know me i playd MV for a good 2 years now so why would i do something too get myself banned on a server i play alot
    10. Hickbros
      Music go on skype or disc rn
      And explain me why im banned
    11. Sebastrol
      I would be greatful if you helped me... I set my age to be 19 instead of 16... Could you correct it please?
    12. Hickbros
      Muisc tell me why i got banned for glitch abuse i didnt glitch anything. And what levaiton said was a long time ago and we already gave his stuff back. You can ask Saime
    13. DukeTheGamz
      Why have you taken my rank away after i asked for chargeback u just took rank no chargeback???
    14. Levaiton14
      Music robskillz xshaxp djmaster en chtyy or somthing grieved me the admitted and dont want to give the stuff back
      1. avacan4
        Go cry dude its a fcking game.
        Dec 21, 2017
    15. Levaiton14
      Music i got grieved 1 of my members cooped some1 and he groeved 30k+ is levels 23level 3 blazes spawners and deroyed a lot
    16. Whiskey
      Hi MusicReprod,
      Yesterday I came on the server and I really liked it. I played for like 3 hours and then a spanish hacker hacked my account. I immediatly changed my password and wanted to join the server again but he made me get banned. So can you please unban me? I'm sorry for the trouble. My in game name is: WhiskeyTheMan
    17. Levaiton14
      Music my island member ign:katleen buyed mage rank but he wanned to be nice so he wanned to buy for a non on my island premium ign:sennegamezYT but he lost he mage rank because he gots now the premium rank can jou plz give katleen his mage back je pyed fot it and can je give sennegamezYT his premium rank? -levaiton overlord
    18. Roemer

      i just got banned. The reason i got banned was “advertisement”. A friend ask what the ip of my server was. I tried to /msg it to him but i dit have the permission. So i said it in the chat. It wasn’t an adverstisement. The message was for him. Can you please unban me?

      Roemer Beelen van Beusekom
      1. awetyler
        Hello, Please submit a ban appeal.
        Dec 2, 2017
    19. Roemer
      Hallo, You just banned me. I was with a friend on the server and he ask my ip from my server. I tried zo msg but i couldn't, so i said it in the chat. It was a message for him and no advertisement. Can you please unban me?
    20. MusicReprod
      New website design releasing soon!
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