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    1. Tom25w
      Happy Birthday
      1. MusicReprod likes this.
      2. MusicReprod
        Thank you!
        Jun 2, 2016
    2. MiHy
      Lol, I wish everyone a happy birthday the day it's their B-Day, and now it's the birthday of the Owner! Happy birthday 'o mighty MusicReprod!
      1. MusicReprod likes this.
      2. MusicReprod
        Thank you!
        Jun 2, 2016
        MiHy likes this.
    3. PastelMoon
      I need a One Dance, Got a Hennessy in my hand. One more time 'fore I go. Higher powers talking a hold on me.
      1. Snackk likes this.
    4. R505Gamez
      Hey Music, Just Wondering If You Would Check My Staff Application... If Not That's Fine I Don't Expect You To Do It Right Away.. Thanks!
    5. KingOfTheEast01
      XD I hope you have a good day now and God bless! :)

      -Lucas :)
      P.S. Sorry again for saying so much on your page. XD I guess I probably should have made a thread to talk to you, but this was more of a personal conversation I wanted to have with you and I already made a thread concerning this, although I could have tagged you, but I felt like this was a better idea. Thanks! :) God bless :)
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      2. KingOfTheEast01
        Why does that matter? I thought I could talk to him personally instead of through a thread which everybody is gonna try to intervene in
        Apr 21, 2016
      3. EastmanTheGreat
        It's flooding his timeline Lucas.
        Apr 21, 2016
      4. KingOfTheEast01
        Ok, well it's not your problem. If he has a problem with it he will tell me. Don't try to intervene in this
        Apr 21, 2016
    6. KingOfTheEast01
      Also I tried chunk this into pieces that would abide by the limits of comment lengths, but I ended up deleting the ending part. Basically I just said how I saw a couple of posts of yours or just one post made me think you were a pretty active owner although all owners should be, but you seemed like a GOP based on your work. No offense to you Music, but I was just saying you seem hard working on this server.
    7. KingOfTheEast01
    8. KingOfTheEast01
      ely help me out with it. I know you are the owner here and you may not want to be annoyed with these kinds of things, but I have seen some posts of yours that look like you are pretty active on your server and act like a GOP quite often. Although this is just based on some forums posts of yours and I think it was just one I saw you post I still think you should read my post. The post is at:
    9. KingOfTheEast01
      Hey MusicReprod. I would like to just ask you to read one of my threads. It is pretty important to me as it is concerning a problem of mine which is not allowing me to play on my favorite server ever with friends or just by myself without running into trouble. My favorite server happens to be your zombies server! And skyblock is probably my second favorite, but anyways I think you should look at it as you can definit
    10. King_Ashley
      If i broke the rules sorry i didnt know if i did i apolagise
    11. King_Ashley
      apparently i will get banned for advertising your server
    12. King_Ashley
      • Spamming MusicReprod's wall
      1. Koala_King
        You can advertise your youtube video as long as the content is MineVerge related.
        Apr 17, 2016
        kyle likes this.
      Banned again? lmao, check the details to when I bought Spartan on KVCSPEEDY and Spartan and gers1873jh, cburns upgraded me to titan, then Pablo_MLG upgraded me to god, check the transfer details, they are all different... Pablo is the one who chargedback, all you have to do is look into the purchases...
    14. TheRealKappa
      Can you please make a global post with all the changes on this server?
    15. Starwarschamp4
      Can you please add vines, creeper heads, and wither skeleton heads to the skyblock shop? I am planning on using these ingredients for my banner shop and I want to know if you could add them while finishing the server.
    16. MrFairyMan12
      Hei Music, 1 question i'm in denmark so when is 6PM EST? :3
      1. MusicReprod
        Most likely 11pm your time. Not 100% sure though.
        Apr 15, 2016
        TeamShafted likes this.
      2. Josh
        22:00 Friday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
        Apr 15, 2016
      3. NoScoopPluisje
        It will be 12 o clock tonight
        Apr 15, 2016
    17. __TheDarkNight__
      Music love the fourms its very nice and when i go on my phone half of the page isnt cut off and theres a few new very very nice staff that i already like so just wanted to say thank very much!
    18. SirGregg
      Hey Music! How have you been recently? Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such an awesome server for us to play on. We all greatly appreciate it! :)
      1. Younis_7bashko likes this.
    19. Younis_7bashko
      Hey Music , I like this new Forum a lot but my old account is deleted so i can't get back my mineverge Stats on the Website.
      My Old account is deleted on google so i can't login with any Website :(
      Minecraft account is same my Old Mineverge Account So can you help me ?? :D
      - 7bashko
      1. SirGregg likes this.
      2. NoScoopPluisje
        Hey 7bashko, these forums are completely new so your old stats won't carry over. So you just have to start again
        Apr 12, 2016
      3. Younis_7bashko
        Thank you so much :D
        Apr 13, 2016
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