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Player Report of Anth0ny_Oxf

Discussion in 'Player Report' started by TheStopRaging, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. TheStopRaging


    Apr 13, 2016




    He has a hacked client. which shows in the video that he sent CrittingOut

    The Steal/Store on the chest

    GG Anthony you played yourself


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  2. ryandykens22


    Jan 2, 2018
    1 its a mod Not hack client get your facts straight before u talk shit
    2 its a steal chest mod What is he going to do Kill u with his StealChest mod??
    3 Get over it stop being such a Snitch
  3. ZbossTerd


    Apr 19, 2016
    That comes with a full client
  4. Manny


    Dec 10, 2017
    Hey, I know that you're thinking It's from a hacked client I'm using but it is not. Several years back, I think 1-22 I brought that from the spigot website as a custom forge mod you could buy and download. I used to use it for minecraft hunger games back when I used to play it a lot. Since i started playing minecraft again around 3-4 months ago i re-downloaded the mod from the spigot website as I didn't have to pay for it since I paid for it all that time ago. I tried it on a hunger games server and the mod doesn't even work anymore. I just haven't been bothered to remove it from my mods folder as the mod ( Chest Taker-1.7.10.jar ) doesn't even work... Yes I'm not going to lie, I've tried to use it in my base before and when you use and click either steal or store, nothing happens the items dont go anywhere and they dont get taken from the chest. The last update of the plugin was 1.7.10 and after that there are no more updates which i think is because its been discontinued, not 100% sure on that but even so, how does having this in my mod folder make any difference than not having it. Even if it did work which it doesnt, how would this effect any player or give give any sort of disadvantage on the server in any way. Taking items out of a chest by clicking steal instead of just shift clicking the items which is a lot faster doesn't give any such advantage in any way, shape or form. As i said, the only reason I used this was because i used to play hunger games a lot and it helps in hunger games as the items are placed in random parts of the chest so instead of having to look where the items are and then click each one you only would have to click steal and take the items from the chest which is why i would use it on the hunger games servers back in the day. If me having this broken plugin in my mod folder is going to cause such drama then I will just remove it, honestly though picking out such a silly thing like this and trying to get me banned for it is really just cruel.

    Also herbert the way you and azeron faction have been bullying me recently is not very nice at all. I've got more than enough troubles and stresses going on in my private life. I come on here to have fun and play the game not having to worry about whats going on in the real world and the way you guys have all ganged up on me and bullied me in the last 3-4 days is just nasty. Now i get all the crap from my life and all this bullying from you guys and ganging up on from you guys on here when i just play to have fun and forget about my other life. honestly the way you guys have been picking on me in chat constantly and saying all these horirid things about me just makes me not even want to carry on with this life. U guys dont realise that what you say to me has an effect on me and i come off just thinking all sorts of things about myself. Its all funny to you guys but for me i cant even explain how i feel after coming off this server sometimes the things you guys say to me and the way you gang up on me. All i ask is that you just leave me alone, I wont say anything to you, in return i beg u guys to please just stop picking on me as i dont even know what ive done wrong to deserve it.
  5. xXK3Xx


    Apr 18, 2016
    Oof, I feel you too... , but I only went off on you becuase you started it.I stop once you stop. That’s what I do to each person. It is just a dumb game, don’t get close feelings becuase of it, if that makes sense :D.<3
  6. Xx_KillSquad_xX


    Apr 15, 2016
    i mean pretty sure old mv used to ban u for even having a hacked client on your computer so if its a not allowed mod kinda the same