Jun 17, 2017
  • Map Sizes
    • Main World : 10,000 x 10,000
    • Nether World: 3,000 x 3,000
    • End World: 5,000 x 5,000
    No void in end world. Flat bedrock in the bottom with 40 blocks high of flat endstone in the world.

    • PvP related skills disabled in pvp.
    • Unarmed completely disabled.
    • All skills capped at 2000. (Exceptions: Archery + Swords = 600. Axes = 400)
    Basic Gameplay Information
    • 1.7 TNT Mechanics
    • Obsidian will take 4 blasts of TNT
    • Lava flow is enabled in all worlds.
    • Withers disabled.
    • Knockback Enchant disabled.
    • Mobs from spawners stack. (Excludes : Enderman, Iron Golems & Creepers)
    • Natural mob spawners in the Nether will not be obtainable.
    • Natural mob spawning is disabled. (Must use spawners)
    • Soup (Mushroom stew) heals 3 hearts.
    • Oceans are completely removed from the main world.
    • Loot protection (Disables after 15 seconds.)
    • Potion mechanics from 1.5.
    • GenBucket feature. Lava auto generates cobblestone when placed on top of a block. (Shift to place regular lava buckets.)
    • Hoppers are not craftable. (Must be purchased in in-game shop. (/shop)
    • /baltop added back.
    • Slimes spawn in every chunk.
    • /sell hand & /sell all added to sell items from /shop
    • Nether portals can only be created in faction claims.


    Modified factions version 1.6.9

    • Command to manage faction permissions (/f perm)
    • Faction member limit is 25.
    • Faction ally limit is 5.
    • /f setwarp (Limit of 5 per faction)
    • Power increases 0.5 per minute.
    • Power decreases by 3 per death.
    • Maximum Faction member power is 40.
    • Minimum Faction member power is -20.
    • Inactive faction members get kicked after 30 days.
    • Command to manage access to Faction territory. (/f access)
    • Corners of the map are not claimable.
    • Claiming in the nether is disabled.
    • /fly in faction + ally territory. (Earned by voting daily)
    • /f stealth (Toggle whether or not fly disables against your enemies in their territory when approaching them.)
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