General Rules

Aug 14, 2017 at 3:52 PM
General Rules
  • MineVerge Official Rules
    Last Updated: 08/14/2017 (Snackk)

    All Rules are listed below, and applies to all ranks on the server, including Forums and other domains related to Mineverge. Any act of violation in breaking these Rules will result in a punishment given. Usage of alternate accounts to evade bans or mutes will result in the account being permanently banned or muted on extreme or certain cases. Don’t think we won’t find out about these incidents. if you feel as if your ban or mute was wrongfully or dealt inaccurately, please appeal to the forums for further discussions on your issue. Staff members will always notify players when Rules have changed. Complaints about changing Rules on the forums will not be considered a valid case to discuss when the player(s) have been punished according to the listed changes.

    Respect Staff
    Staff are members of the network as well, and they should be respect at all times. Any form of disrespect towards Staff members is not allowed and could result in consequences on intermediate levels. Expect Staff to do their job when it involves a player being punished. Don’t complain on how Staff members make the decisions in punishments, most punishments are dealt correctly. Do not argue when Staff must do the right thing in dealing with situations even if it involves a close player or dedicated member when they must be banned or muted. However, if a Staff member is somehow abusing their power, please submit a Staff Demotion Report them to the forums immediately. Creating threads solely to start unnecessary drama and arguments is not acceptable as evidence or discussions, and might result in the thread being deleted.

    Sharing personal information
    Keep in mind that sharing personal information is at your own risk, this includes buying and selling accounts and usage of account data & status. We are not responsible for unbanning accounts that has broken the Rules by another user that has access to that account(s). Take note to unexpected interactions made by another user of your account(s). Otherwise, it’s best recommended that you secure your account and personal information you use and not give it away in any source.
    Remember, Staff are not responsible for lost of account information taken out of your hand of use.

    Hacking/Unfair advantages

    Usage of hacked clients or Disallowed client modifications to offer unfair advantages to gameplay isn’t allowed and will result in a long term to permanent ban. Exploiting or abusing server setup bugs or glitches is also bannable on the same term.
    Please view the Allowed & Disallowed client Modifications list.

    Any Staff Member has the right to ask you for you to Screen-Share, if they feel you are hacking. if you refuse or deny the request, this will result to a ban. Logging off or Disconnecting from the server will also result to a ban.


    Do not manipulate and make someone think that you’re another person of MineVerge Staff. Impersonating Staff is prohibited , and will be dealt with on high means. There are also other sides of pretending to be a specific user which also counts as impersonation, e.g claiming that you’re the ‘alt’ of that person or pointing out to players that “you are a mod”, etc. Normally Moderators and Helpers will have their prefix that show the [MOD] or [Helper] tag.

    DDoS attacks

    DDoS attacks towards players isn't allowed. Players found attempting or threatening to attack or threatening to expose personal info will be banned from the Network and Forums.

    Racism & Hate

    Racism, bigotry, ageism, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on the MineVerge Network. This includes usernames, Skins, nudity, pornography, images, graphics and slang terms. There are other ways to point out hate, have common sense when It comes to you being punished on these cases. Forum respect is may apply as well. Breaking the Rules repeatedly will result into a Perm-Mute.

    Reporting and Appealing

    If you see a player(s) breaking any MineVerge server or forum Rules, you are expected to report them on the forums or to Staff immediately.
    You must be able to provide proof for your player or Staff complaint/report. Skype screenshots / logs are not considered sufficient proof.
    Temporary bans cannot be appealed for unless you believe it is unjustified.
    Bans for advertisements or DDoS threats/discussions or any other user interaction violations, cannot be appealed for.
    Keep in mind that your player report may not be the only one we have
    so be patient.
    Please do not edit videos, such as Slow motion or speeding up.You only make it harder for Staff to tell if the player is actually hacking.

    Chat Spam & Excessive caps

    There are various forms of spam, which all aren’t allowed on the server, some include Character Spam, General Spam, Chat Flood, Caps Spam, and Message Spam. Character Spam is any excessive amount of letters or punctuation of or exceeding 5 characters in a row. Chat Flood and Message Spam are generally the same, Chat Flood is when a player says 3 or more messages in a row without any interruption such as another player’s chat. Caps Spam is when a player types out two or more words, or a random excessive amount of capital letters in a row. Lastly, there is just General Spam, which is when a player repeats the same messages multiple times in a rapid sequence. In the event that a player is committing a Spam offense you should give them a verbal warning first, and if they continue then it is a temporary mute.
    Spamming on the Forums or posting chunks of similar threads is unacceptable, including unnecessary triple posts and comments could result in getting banned from the Forums.


    Mentioning another server IP, Website or domain and server title, is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban from the MineVerge Network, and certain cases, Forums as well. Posting links not relevant to MineVerge is also included in this rule. Such as
    Social media's, Random websites, and ETC.

    Warp Traps &TPA Traps (Skyblock)

    You are not allowed to build Redstone machines to kill players using the warp signs and TPA Feature on the Skyblock server (Example: using a pressure plate to activate a piston to suffocate players in blocks). This is considered abusing permission setup (glitches) on the server.

    AFK Mining

    Mining while you are away from your computer is prohibited. We will generally stand in front of the player multiple times until we get your response. if you fail to respond you will be punished.

    Common Sense

    Rules that are not listed above fall under the category "common sense". Please follow the Rules and Think before you type.

    Ban Evasion
    Alternate accounts aren’t allowed at all and when banned/muted.

    Forum Rules

    Abuse of the post-rating feature is not allowed.

    Bumping threads outside of your ban appeal isn't allowed.

    Post links to phishing sites or other harmful Web-Pages is strictly prohibited.

    Please do not openly argue with a Staff member. Contact the Staff member via a private message.
    Starting, encouraging and contributing to server drama discussions is strictly prohibited and not allowed. Doing so will result in the thread being locked, continuous drama threads will result in a ban.

    Do not advertise for other servers. Sometimes this can result in a network ban apart from the Forums.

    Disclaimer: By logging onto the MineVerge Network you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this Terms and Conditions page.​
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