Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

Jul 14, 2017
Allowed and Disallowed Modifications
  • MineVerge Allowed and Disallowed Modifications
    Last Updated: 07/10/2017 (Snackk)

    Usage of the following blacklisted client modifiers can result in a ban. Here is the list of Allowed & Disallowed client Modifications.

    Allowed Mods

    Batty's coords
    Better Sprint
    Toggle Sneak
    TCP NoDelayMod

    Disallowed Mods

    Inventory Tweaks
    Chest Finder
    Damage Indicators
    KiLO Pro
    World Downloader
    Health Indicators/Damage Indicators
    Worldedit CUI

    Disallowed Third Party Modifications

    Either allocating a key to a non-vanilla Minecraft function that may be included in some mods (Example: press a key once to eat for you) or binding a key such that multiple keys across all input peripherals (mouse and keyboard) are bound to one particular control (Example: mouse button and number button for a single action, a particular hotbar slot)

    Binding a key/command to perform any sequence of actions beyond the vanilla behavior of the controls.

    Using a program that is used to click faster or repeatedly without having to click manually. (Example: Using a program that automatically clicks 30 times per second for you). This has often been used to mine ores out of cobblestone machines. Using this on these actions includes with the disallowed client modifiers. Does not exclude holding down and/or taping the mouse button manually.

    Ghost Clients
    Any form of Ghost Clients or "hidden client" will be an immediate perm ban no appeal.

    Hack Clients

    Any form of hacked client is strictly prohibited. Clients use to overlap gameplay regulations such as providing information of what another player currently has equipped is not allowed.

    Using a disallowed mod / client will result in a 14 day ban then permanent ban.

    Admitting about using a disallowed mod / client will result in a Temporary Ban on first offense, and a Permanent Ban on second offense.

    Possession of a disallowed mod / client will warrant the same ban as using a disallowed mod / client.

    Using schematica to mine in Prison will get you a 14 day ban.

    You can also be banned for usage / possession of mods that are not listed here, but are seen as reasonable to be punished for. These are usually determined by Staff Members and are added to this post as Staff Member decide if they are allowed or not.
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