Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

Sep 16, 2017
Allowed and Disallowed Modifications
  • MineVerge Allowed and Disallowed Modifications
    Last Updated: 09/16/2017 (Xoy)

    Usage of the following blacklisted client modifiers can result in a ban. Here is the list of Allowed & Disallowed client Modifications.

    Allowed Mods

    Batty's coords
    Better Sprint
    Toggle Sneak
    TCP NoDelayMod
    Old Animations Mod

    Disallowed Mods
    Inventory Tweaks
    Chest Finder
    Damage Indicators
    KiLO Pro
    World Downloader
    Health Indicators/Damage Indicators
    Worldedit CUI

    Third Party Software


    Either allocating a key to a non-vanilla Minecraft function that may be included in some mods (Example: press a key once to eat for you) or binding a key such that multiple keys across all input peripherals (mouse and keyboard) are bound to one particular control (Example: mouse button and number button for a single action, a particular hotbar slot). Chat macros (where you can press one button and it posts a whole message for you) are fine as long as they are not abused/spammed.

    Using and possessing a program that is used to click faster or with an unobtainable consistency without having to click manually (or also known as an autoclicker) is disallowed. If you are caught using one you will be banned.

    Ghost Clients
    Ghost clients are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban first offence. Ghost clients are hidden hacked clients.

    Hacked Clients
    Hacked clients is a generic term for a modification to Minecraft that gives you a significant advantage over other players. For example, a client that gives you extra reach or less knockback.

    Using a disallowed mod or client will result in a 14 day ban (unless specified otherwise) for your first offence and for a second offence it will be a permanent ban.

    Possession of a disallowed mod will result in the same punishment and if you were using it.
    Using schematica to mine in Prison will get you a 14 day ban.

    If a mod you are using is not listed in either one of these lists, presume it is disallowed and remove it from your possession. Staff can choose whether a mod you’re using or have possession of is worthy of a ban or not so be sure to check!​
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