Aug 29, 2017
  • Features and game changes:​
    • New items added to the shop
    • Balanced EconomyPrestige 1-10 added
    • Sell multipliers (when prestiged
    • Kit prestige added
    • A whole new unique GUI system
    • Removed MineBombs
    • Removed NightVision enchant
    • New leader-boards
    • All blocks get sent directly to your inventory when mined.
    • autosmelt is avalible to all players
    • Simply type ./sell to sell the current blocks you are trying to sell
    Pickaxe Enchants:
    This is one form of use for players can increase their enchantment levels on their pickaxe. simply use your tokens to upgrade your pickaxe.​
    • Haste [Max 100]
      • 1 level cost 100 tokens
      • Increases mining and attack speed
    • Speed [Max 3]
      • 1 level cost 100 tokens
      • the status effect that increases walking velocity
    • Efficiency [Max 200]
      • 1 level cost 25 tokens
      • ncreases mining speed.
    • Fortune [Max 200]
      • 1 level cost 25 tokens
      • Increase block drops.
    prestige is our ranking up system once you complete rank A-Z you have an option to prestige!

    - Kit prestige
    - Increased Sell multiplier
    - Free world

    Plot Commands
    /ps claim claims an unclaimed plot.
    /ps merge merges owned plots that are adjacent to each other.
    /ps unmerge unlinks merged plots.
    /ps add (username) adds the user to the plot, so they can use/break while the plot owner is online.
    /ps trust (username) trusts the user to the plot, so that they can use/break all the time, even when the owner is offline.
    /ps remove (username) - removes added or trusted players from the plot.
    /ps deny (username) deny the user from your plot, /p deny * denies everyone from the plot (excluding added or trusted users).
    /ps sethome changes the location of /p h, to the current location.
    /ps h (username) (plot number) visits another player's plot
    /ps v (username) (plot number )visits another player's plot
    /ps clear clears the plot but keeps it claimed.
    /ps delete clears and unclaims the plot.

    tokens are a hard currency on our prison server which can be used to purchase upgrades for a pickaxe.

    Ways to get them!
    - Crates
    - Mining
    - Purchasing on
    • Backpacks are effectively extra inventory slots for storage while mining.
    • Backpacks can be purchased in different types 9 slot, 18 slot, 27 slot, 26 slot, and 45 slots.
    • Prices may vary do /warp Tokens to view all the backpacks.

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