Server Events

Jul 18, 2017
Server Events
  • MineVerge Events

    Introducing Mineverge Events. Each server will have these special event where players can earn prizes and get involved with the community!

    You can only participate in one Sub server event.
    Cheating to get the prizes is not allowed
    You are allowed to work with 2-3 players but divide the prizes
    You are not allowed to break the Standard MineVerge Rules to complete challenges.
    Must have a forum account to participate

    The last week of every month each Sub-Server will have a Challenge/task to complete by the next month.
    Each event will be listed on each of the sub servers category for example,the Prison even will be listed on the Prison thread. There will only be three winners. Each winner will be announced at the end of each events.

    When submitting your completed task please start a conversation with MineVerge Events, with the following format.​
    MineCraft Username:
    Proof of completion:
    Player who participated:

    Extra Info!
    In some cases we will have a live event such as PvP Events,Minigames, and King of the hill.
    In some cases we will have only one winner and will be announced on the event page.

    Skyblock Green
    Island Top Rewards (End of Each map.)

    1st Island: $150 (Buycraft Voucher)
    2nd Island: $100 (Buycraft Voucher)
    3rd Island: $50 (Buycraft Voucher)
    Buycraft voucher is money in the MineVerge Store.
    Dutch translation

    Skyblock Green
    Prijs voor het hoogste eiland level (aan het eind van elke map)
    Nummer 1: $150 (voor in de Mineverge winkel)
    Nummer 2: $100 (voor in de Mineverge winkel)
    Nummer 3: $50 (voor in de Mineverge winkel)

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