Sep 18, 2017
  • Welcome to the skyblock wiki! Here you will find information about our two wonderful servers Skyblock Blue & Skyblock Green!

    Gamemode Changes:

    - Create an island!
    /is restart - Restart your island.
    /is sethome - Set a Home for your island.
    /is invite - Invite players to join your island.
    /is kick (player) - Kick a player from your island.
    /is ban (player) - Ban a player from your island.
    /is unban (player) - Unban a player from your island.
    /is expel - Remove a player from your island.
    /is leave - Leave a players island.\
    /is accept - Accept a players island invite.
    /is top - View top island leaderboard.
    /is level - View your island level.
    /is coop (player) - Allow temporary access to island.
    /is uncoop (player) - Removes temporary access to island.
    /is lock - Blocks players from entering your island.
    /challenges - View all the challenges you completed.
    /is settings - View and enabled and disabled settings on your island.
    /block - Turns ingots into blocks.